League of Legends fan crafts Jhin mask using resin

It looks just like in-game.

One of the most defining accessory of League’s ADC champion Jhin is his mask–and one creative fan brought it to life in stunning quality.

In the clip, the League fan showed off his hand-crafted Jhin Mask that he had made using resin.

The clip showed the process to bring Jhin’s mask to real life. After detailing and painting, the finished product looks like it popped straight out of the game.

The artist, who has his own online store named Mad Prince Designs, features several designs across pop culture. While this is the first League-inspired creation that they have shared, there are many other video game-inspired creations that can be seen in the back of the clip, including a Deku Mask from The Legend of Zelda and an Abu Abu mask from Crash Bandicoot.

Responding to a comment on the post, the creative shared that they had been self-taught and learned the bulk of the craft from YouTube clips and Google.

Fans of the work can purchase this mask for $170 painted on the Mad Prince Designs’ store, or a slightly cheaper $140 if you’d prefer it unpainted.

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