League fan explores Vex’s solemnity with Elderwood skin concept

This is a stark contrast from the skin Vex was released with—yet much more fitting.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ most recent mid lane champion, Vex, is all for things that are dark and dreary. But her release skin, Dawnbringer, paints her in more of a brighter light that is unfitting of her character, leaving many fans to wonder how her solemn tone can better be interpreted in future skins.

One Reddit user decided to create an idea for what they feel can be Vex’s next skin, better fitting her melancholic personality while also bringing some new charm to spruce up her appearance. This fan-made concept brings Vex into the long-standing Elderwood skin line, turning her into a forest hermit seeking refuge in the shadows.

Vex’s body becomes completely made of wood in this concept, while Shadow takes the form of a sinister forest-roaming creature complete with beady white eyes. Her abilities become shrouded with layers of eerily-red leaves waiting to gobble up an opponent, becoming more purple when her passive is activated.

This fan even opted to create chromas, emotes, and a custom recall animation for their Elderwood Vex concept, showing even more of how the yordle’s dreary personality can fit with this skin line. They explain that in their idea of Vex’s recall animation, Vex and Shadow sit in the shadow of a bare tree, brought to life by Shadow’s magical powers.

Recent additions to the Elderwood, Old God, and Coven skin lines, all of which overlap, have opted to make champions more strange and mysterious—an atmosphere that Vex would fit perfectly into. Right now, Vex only has one skin, Dawnbringer, which aims to make her more light-hearted. But it’s likely that she’ll be able to enjoy the cold embrace of darkness in future skins.