LCK League Leaders: Week 3

Here are the league leaders in several different statistics after threeweeks of LCK2015 Summer Split play. All numbers are available from

Here are the league leaders in several different statistics after three weeks of LCK 2015 Summer Split play. All numbers are available from

NA LCS League Leaders
EU LCS League Leaders

KDA Ratio

Jin Air’s Cpt Jack and Chei have only played two games, but they dominated those games. SKT’s Faker tops the list of players who have played at least four games this split.

JAG Cpt Jack: 16.0
JAG Chei: 15.0
SKT Faker: 8.6
KT Arrow: 8.5
JAG Chaser: 7.6

Kill Participation

Jin Air Chaser is having a pretty phenomenal split so far, statistically, topping the average kill participation chart, the only Jungler in the top five.

JAG Chaser: 91.9%
KOO PraY: 82.3%
KOO Kuro: 80.0%
JAG Cpt Jack: 79.7%
LZIM IgNar: 79.5%

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Was there any doubt that SKT Faker is the most dominant 1v1 laner in South Korea?

SKT Faker: 15.2
JAG Cpt Jack: 6.0

KT Ssumday: 5.9
JAG Kuzan: 5.5
KOO Wisdom: 5.4

Damage per Minute

SKT Faker and his teammate SKT Easyhoon have the two highest average damage to champions per minute numbers, but as a side note, Faker’s average damage share is 37.1%, compared to Easyhoon’s 30.5%.

SKT Faker: 774
SKT Easyhoon: 744
CJE Coco: 736

JAG Cpt Jack: 667
ANC Mickey: 623

Wards Placed per Minute

Support players hold the 11 highest WPM numbers in the LCK, with LZIM TusiN carrying the Jungler torch at rank 12 with 1.19 WPM. For a fun exercise, compare these numbers with the top WPMs in the NA and EU LCS.

SSG Wraith: 1.49
LZIM IgNar: 1.46
KOO GorillA: 1.44
NJE Pure: 1.33
SBENU Secret: 1.30

Wards Cleared per Minute

LZIM TusiN makes a case with his WCPM that he is one of the strongest vision control junglers in the LCK, especially when paired with his high WPM number. The biggest surprise here is SKT Easyhoon, though, the only player in the top 12 who isn’t a Jungler or a Support.

LZIM TusiN: 0.51
SKT Tom: 0.44
SKT Easyhoon: 0.40
SKT Wolf: 0.39
LZIM IgNar: 0.38
NJE Watch: 0.38

Want to see these numbers and more for all LCK players, or players from the NA LCS, EU LCS, or LMS? Head over to and browse through the Stats Tables pages!

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