Larssen extends contract with Rogue through 2023

The star mid laner is locked in for the organization.

Photo via Riot Games

After proving to be one of the best players in the LEC, Rogue’s star mid laner Larssen is extending his contract with the organization through 2023, the team announced today.

This past season, the 21-year-old pushed his team to great heights with his high level of play. During the regular season, he had the sixth-most kills in the league, with the third-most average damage to champions per minute among LEC mid laners, according to Oracle’s Elixir. Larssen also had a diverse champion pool, with Lucian, Orianna, Jayce, and Twisted Fate giving his team more flexibility in their drafts.

Larssen has found his form for the playoffs too, even though his team did lose in their last series in the upper bracket. He has the highest KDA, the highest damage numbers, and the best early-game stats of any mid laner in the postseason so far. He and his team will need to elevate their game a lot more, however, if they wish to take down their next opponent.

On paper, Rogue might look like the better team, especially after finishing the summer in first with a 13-5 record. The issue, however, is that Fnatic are rolling with momentum after their most recent victory over their perpetual rivals, G2 Esports. Larssen and the rest of his teammates, on the other hand, are looking to bounce back after a disappointing sweep at the hands of MAD Lions.

Now, Larssen joins Trymbi as another player signed with Rogue through the 2023 season. The official Riot Games Global Contract Database says that Odoamne, Inspired, and Hans Sama are all signed until next year, unless they also decide to re-sign with the org.

You can catch the squad in action when they face off against Fnatic on Saturday, Aug. 28.

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