IWillDominate on Team Liquid: “It’s so much better to have a player like Tactical who’s gonna be giving his all”

The popular streamer had plenty to say about Liquid's current form and their bottom lane.

Screengrab via IWillDominate

Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera has been a part of the League of Legends community for a while and has experienced plenty during his time in the North American competitive scene. He recently voiced his opinions on Team Liquid’s current struggles, as well as the introduction of AD carry Edward “Tactical” Ra to the team’s starting lineup while Doublelift is out with laryngitis.

“Even if you say, in a vacuum, Tactical is not as skilled as Doublelift, the fact that Doublelift literally went on camera and admitted that he didn’t care about the season at the beginning…” IWillDominate said during a stream. “It’s so much better to have a player like Tactical who’s gonna be giving his all, compared to someone like Doublelift who’s like, ‘Oh, Spring Split doesn’t matter.'”

This was in reference to Doublelift’s comments during an interview he had with LoL Esports, where the superstar bot laner mentioned that he “should have put [himself] at a higher standard” and that he didn’t care about the split until they started losing a lot.

Doublelift also mentioned that he welcomed the change of pace and that he needed the stress to motivate himself and his play. It isn’t something that the 26-year-old veteran has had to deal with in a long time, so the pressure is a good incentive for him to pick up his play.

IWillDominate went on to say that no matter how good a player might be, having a player who cares will be way more beneficial for the team than someone who doesn’t. As an example, Liquid won both of their matches this weekend, which is a feat they haven’t been able to do this whole season so far.

If pressure is what Doublelift needs, then maybe Tactical is exactly what the doctor ordered for him to return back to form. The rookie ADC had a great LCS debut and not many veterans have had to worry about rookies taking over their spots before. Combined with their mediocre performances over the past few weeks, this adversity could help Doublelift play at his peak once more.

Liquid will be back on the Rift against CLG on March 7.