IWillDominate and Wingsofdeath blame Riot for punishing toxicity instead of feeders

"IWillDominate complains about Riot" could be a sitcom, tbh.

Screengrab via IWillDominate

In not-so-surprising news, streamers Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera and Daryl¬†“wingsofdeath”¬†Hennegan took aim this week at Riot Games (again) for the company’s player discipline team banning toxic players over feeders. Happens all the time, we know, but this time, it was particularly hilarious because League of Legends fans clapped back.

To be as specific as possible, the duo were complaining about people “trolling the game,” not feeding per se, but judging from their comments on Twitter regarding these complaints, it’s clear that feeding is what they’re considering “trolling.” Whether or not that’s accurate seems to be irrelevant in this case, as it’s just whatever they believe.

IWillDominate started the hate train by saying “Season Nine is what the game looks like when you spend years banning people for typing mean things instead of banning people for trolling games.”

Whether or not you think that’s a valid concern, we can all enjoy some friendly banter, and that’s exactly what happened after wingsofdeath chimed in with agreement, saying in his own tweet “I can mute flamers. Where is the mute button on my bot lane running it down for 10 deaths in 12 minutes.” The community, who seems to be aware of the fact that wingsofdeath often does exactly that, wasn’t going to let that slide. Here are some of our favorite comments on both Twitter and Reddit regarding these two players’ complaints.

“I got permabanned for saying ‘rapid feedcannon’ when [wingsofdeath] was 0/5 as Vayne once.”

“That feel when the new matchmaking made everyone Master and you’re still inting it up in Diamond III, unlucky.”

“And he himself is part of the problem on both sides lol?”

Player makes 3 mistakes in a streamer’s game* ‘This guy is just stream sniping to troll me. Soft inters need to be banned honestly.'”

Pretending to be IWillDominate: “Nah, I don’t care dude. I’m just gonna keep talking about it for 30 minutes. But I really don’t care dude.”

“Careful he’ll flex on you with his income.”

In our opinion, both should be banned. You can argue that that’s not the world we live in right now, but that should always be the goal. If you’re a bad person in the game, either being toxic or actually, truly trolling (and not just making a misplay and getting framed for trolling by a streamer), you should be punished. Why? Because that ruins that game.

But there’s no point in debating one type of bad person versus another. They’re both bad, they should both be punished, because the game would be better for it.