28 August 2016 - 22:15

Interviewing MagikarpUsedFly: The LoL YouTube Community

I was able to catch up with popular YouTuber​ MagikarpUsedFly @Insomnia58/League Fest and ask him his thoughts on the current League of Legends YouTube community and beyond!

At Insomnia58's League Fest, I was grateful to be able to sit down with Matt "MagikarpUsedFly" Castro to talk about his creative process and stance in the YouTube community where League of Legends is concerned. You can check out his profile here for all those who don't know who he is. Below is a word-for-word account of the interview that took place.

So tell me, how is it you got into League of Legends in the first place when you were starting off on YouTube? Did you experiment with different things or did you know you wanted to do League of Legends videos from the start?

Magikarp: Well initially what happened is that I didn't think I would make League videos at all. I used to make a lot of videos beforehand, before League of Legends, right? And when I was making those, when I was having fun and sharing them with my friends, I decided I was going to try out some gaming content and the only game I was playing at the time was League of Legends. So, I just started posting funny stuff that I thought was funny and then I made the Ryze actual championship spotlight, that was the one I actually tried.

When I did the Ryze one, I was just doing it for fun. I thought it was funny and then no one liked it. So, I was like, eh, I'll just do a Soraka one and everyone liked it so I was like, oh, I guess I'll just keep trying that. It was something that just kind of fell on my lap, it wasn't that I aimed to make League of Legends content, it kind of just happened. 

So then, how did the idea of the "Actual Championship Series" come about? Where did the idea stem from?

Magikarp: Oh! So, when I was younger, I was a really big fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) James Rolfe. I'm a huge fan of his and I love his whole ranting thing, same thing with Nostalgia Critic, stuff like that. I like that whole reviewing, ranting type of videos and with League of Legends, I never saw anything like that where you were ranting about a champion, a parody of it, so that's why I thought it was a cool thing to do and its the reason I stuck with it because I thought it would be something people would want to see.

So recently you did a show with Uberdanger about people moving away from League of Legends. What are your opinions on people moving away from the game and why?

Magikarp: Most of the people that did move away had been playing from Beta basically, so when they have been playing for five years, that's a long time to be playing just one video game. So when they leave, I think that's totally fine, as you can get burnt out on a game. When Keyori left, he said he was just not having any fun playing the game, but that does not mean he didn't think the game was fun, he was just burnt out from the game and I think that's a big difference. It's not necessarily that the game is bad, it's just that people are burnt out from playing it five years straight. With all the veterans leaving the scene it means that new blood can come in.

There's no point in playing a game if you are not going to have constant fun in playing it. A game is made so that you can have fun. I do think it's perfectly fine when people do leave, I just don't think it's fine when they leave, but they say that the game is bad because I think that is just a subjective con. If you are leaving because you feel that the game is bad then it's subjective, you can't just say that you've never had fun with the game or anything like that because, why then would you have played it for five years if you did not have fun playing it? There is an aspect of fun in it, so I do believe there is an aspect of word manipulation when people do leave, but I do believe it is just because people are burnt out more than anything.

So, lastly then, why MagikarpUsedFly? How did you come up with that username?

Magikarp: So, everyone always asks that question, about why MagikarpUsedFly, and everyone always has really good answers to why they chose their usernames with a huge backstory. But for me, it was just about what I thought was funny and I just chose that, it wasn't even supposed to be a thing, it just fell on my lap; I was doing it as a joke. There is no special reason behind it, I just thought it was a funny name.

And now you are stuck with it.

Magikarp: Yeah, I know I'm stuck with it! It is kind of funny because when I am doing signatures or autographs for people, MagiarpUsedFly is such a long name! So, I have to shorten it-- I did not think ahead of time when I came up with that name, yeah...

One last thing. When you started YouTube to now, do you believe there is more of a start-up cost to YouTube as a whole; that you need to spend a certain amount of money to get into the scene and to be at the standard needed to be a YouTuber?

Magikarp: Yes and no. When I started, everyone was saying the same thing that you need to get a good microphone, good recording equipment, stuff like that. But when I started, the quality was pretty bad and I was recording my audio on a Razor Kraken headset and you know how bad quality those things were. They were just garbage, but that's how I used to make my videos and they did fine.

I feel as long as you have a creative idea and people understand what you're going for, I think that's fine. 

I do believe there is a little bit of a start-up cost nowadays. I can see what you're saying by that, it does take a bit more but there is some equipment that you can get which is pretty cheap.

Thank you very much! That's all we have time for but thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. It has been a pleasure!

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