How to rekindle an Eternals set in League of Legends

Challenge hunters, take notes.

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Eternals are League of Legends’ version of stat-tracking achievements and have been a part of the game since 2020. While each champion has a common set of Eternals that track your general progress in-game, champions also have tailor-made sets of Eternals that track specific achievements you can unlock.

Eternals have even more purpose, as they’re used to complete specific challenges introduced to the game’s client in 2022. Some of the most notable Eternal-related challenges can be completed by “rekindling” an Eternals set. These challenges take time and require playing games with a specific champion.

Here’s how to rekindle an Eternals set in League of Legends

How to rekindle Eternals

Eternals are rekindled once all five milestones of that Eternal have been completed. Single Eternals can be rekindled one at a time, but a set of Eternals cannot be considered rekindled until all three of the Eternals found in the set have reached their fifth milestone.

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Once you’ve completed five milestones for all three Eternals in a set, you can consider the set rekindled. Remember that common Eternals and champion-specific Eternals are separate. You cannot mix and match the three Eternals from the two different sets to gain credit for rekindling a set of Eternals.

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To complete the “Specialist” challenges associated with rekindling Eternals, either rekindle a common set of Eternals or a champion-specific set from Eternals Series One. Specialist challenges exist for Assassins, Fighters, Mages, Marksmen, Supports, and Tanks. Keep in mind that certain champions count towards two different roles. Vayne, for example, is considered both a Marksman and Assassin, while Lillia is considered both a Fighter and a Mage. If you’re hunting specific challenges, it would behoove you to level up Eternals for champions that count for two different roles.

You can find these challenges under the “experience” section of the “collection” tab underneath the challenges heading of the League client.


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