How to get Victorious Lucian and his 6 chromas in League of Legends

The higher your rank, the nicer he'll look.

Image via Riot Games

As we approach the final weeks of League of Legends‘ ranked season, players are frantically trying to hit their desired ranks before the queues close up for the preseason. The ranked reward was recently revealed to be a shiny, new Victorious skin for Lucian.

If you want to pick up Victorious Lucian, all you need to do is finish in Gold rank or higher before Tuesday, Nov. 10, which is the end of the current ranked season. If you find yourself in a ranked game at 12:01am local server time, then consider that your final ranked game to count toward your ranked rewards.

Image via Riot Games

But Master ranks and above will lock on Monday, Nov. 9 at 11:45pm local server time. This means if you’re trying to finally break into the upper echelons of your region, don’t leave your climb to the last minute—unless you enjoy the added pressure.

If you reach Gold or higher for the Victorious Lucian skin but don’t own the champion, he’ll be automatically added to your account when ranked rewards are given out. There are also additional rewards based on which rank you finish at by the end of the season.

Image via Riot Games

If a player finishes in Platinum, for example, they get a special platinum-themed chroma for the Victorious skin. Each subsequent rank-up actually has a special chroma that echoes the same look of the corresponding ranked badges.

So if you’re looking to grab that beautiful Challenger rank armor for your Victorious Lucian, start grinding. You only have two weeks left until the 2020 ranked season is over.

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