21 March 2017 - 15:06

Reworked Warwick included in this week's free champion rotation

Check out this week's free League of Legends champions.
Image via. Riot Games

Riot has released the weekly free champion rotation that goes live in League of Legends for the week beginning March 14. The rotation includes the reworked Warwick for the first time, making this the first time that many players will have a chance to try him out.

These are the 10 champions that will be featured in this rotation.



A melee champion destined for the top lane. Conquer your demons and take on the scourge of Noxus.


Rally the troops and prepare to dive into the top lane or jungle. Show off your true warrior's pride.



Weave the web of fate and prepare to pounce on your foes from the jungle.


It is the first time that Warwick has been part of the free rotation since his rework. So if you haven’t had tried him out yet, here’s your chance.



Will you be able to rebuild your reputation in the midlane? The tidal trickster will bring some much-needed damage to the fights.


Zone your foes lady of the clockwork and be sure to protect your jungler during his ganks. Showcase the love that was gifted to you towards your allies.



Explore the botlane for hidden treasures and snipe your foes from afar. Will you be able to match SKT’s Bae "Bang" Jun-sik’s Ezreal?


Four shots is all you need to dominate the bot lane. Be sure to show off your artistic beauty and help allies from afar in teamfights.



Support your allies, enlightened one. Ionia is relying on you to slow your foes and speed up your friends.



If you want to test out any of these 10 champions, this next week is the time to do so. Also, if you are looking for any players to try out these free champions with, use our player finder feature here.

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