Fnatic run down Misfits, join Rogue as only undefeated teams after 2022 LEC Spring Split Week 2

Two weeks, five wins, zero losses.

Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games via Riot Games

Once more, Fnatic overcame a major obstacle in their start to the 2022 LEC Spring Split—and in doing so, become one of two teams to maintain an undefeated record in the region.

Fnatic ended the second weekend of the LEC with a victory over Misfits, steamrolling their opposition in under 25 minutes. Surprisingly, Misfits allowed the Fnatic squad to get their hands on some of the most powerful champions in League of Legends Patch 12.1, leaving very little wiggle room for the team that has consistently stood at the top of the LEC leaderboards for years.

Wunder, staking his claim as one of the most consistent top laners in LEC history, opted for the Akali pick in this game, a champion that has dominated worldwide competition over the past week with the new Turbo Chemtank build. Sticking to his all-in, split-pushing playstyle, Wunder rendered Hirit a non-factor once his Akali reached level six, becoming a slippery threat to which the Misfits squad had no answer. With Wunder sneaking through Misfits’ defenses, the rest of Fnatic had ample opportunity to slowly chip down the rest of their opponents and continue their undefeated streak into the third week of the LEC Spring Split.

With how far ahead the Fnatic squad was, the only reasonable strategy for Misfits was forcing a teamfight. A teleport from HiRit in an attempt to stop Fnatic from escaping the mid lane proved unsuccessful, and the crowd control between Humanoid, Upset, and Hylissang was too much for Misfits to withstand. The 4-0 team, with all of their members still standing, marched down the open mid lane to their fifth victory, remaining undefeated.

Fnatic continue to thrive at the top of the LEC leaderboards alongside Rogue as the only two undefeated teams after the second week of the Spring Split. These two teams will clash next week to determine the true king of Europe, and Fnatic will continue into Saturday to face their old rivals in G2 Esports.

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