Dopa weighs in on best mid laner discussion: ‘There is no one like Chovy’

The solo queue star has a sharp eye for talents.

Photo via Riot Games

Dopa believes Chovy is the best mid laner in the world, according to an unofficial translation on Reddit.

In the streamer’s latest vlog, the solo queue superstar said that he feels that is he is only a “fading star” compared to Chovy. Dopa is one of the best solo queue players League of Legends fans have seen, and was the first player to reach rank one on the Korean server and the Chinese super server as well.

Chovy, the 20-year old mid laner for Hanwha Life Esports began his professional League career in December 2017, playing for Gwangju for a brief period before joining Griffin in Challengers Korea. Griffin proceeded to have one of the most dominant splits in Spring, which allowed them to qualify for the 2018 LCK Summer Split. Chovy was one of the most promising prospects in the mid lane, constantly adjusting his hero picks and carrying his team with various playstyles as needed.

Over the years and across multiple teams, Chovy continues to maintain a high level of solo play alongside a flexible playstyle, with most analysts in the community rating him quite highly when talking about the best mid laners in LCK. While Chovy has led in various stats during the 2021 LCK Spring Split and was on a path to another LCK champion title, HLE was swept by the reigning world champions DWG KIA during the playoffs, and Chovy eventually had to settle for a third place finish.

While streaming on Twitch, Dopa regularly talked about promising solo queue players which could become fierce competitors in the future. Some of the most notable examples of players he mentioned in the past before they entered the LCK include ShowMaker, Keria, and Gumayusi.

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