Chovy, ShowMaker, and Pyosik awarded with 2021 LCK Spring Split Player of the Split award

The three players are all tied in the standings with 1,000 points each.

Photo via Riot Games

Following the conclusion of the 2021 LCK Spring Split today, three Korean League of Legends pros received the region’s Player of the Split award after being tied for first with 1,000 points each.

Chovy, ShowMaker, and Pyosik all had strong splits, carrying their teams to victory from the jaws of defeat in multiple matches. Chovy and ShowMaker in particular have been on fire with their individual mid lane performances, showing a massive pool of champions they can pick from to carry games. Pyosik is the longest-standing player on the DRX roster, leading his newly-found teammates to multiple victories.

These players were closely trailed in the Player of the Split award by T1’s Keria and DK’s Khan. The former DRX support showed up huge for the T1 roster, adapting with ease to his new teammates and performing superbly on various champions. He showed his mastery on various engage champions throughout the split and adapted to his team’s needs regardless of roster iteration.

Khan, on the other hand, has filled in Nuguri’s shoes quite nicely. Previously known for having a one-dimensional playstyle, Khan adjusted this split and has been playing different types of champions in the top lane. He became notorious for his Sion performance, forcing teams to ban it against DK if they wanted to stand a chance.

While Faker was on top of the standings in the previous splits, this split he has took a backseat spot, playing utility champions to enable his team. He has played a lot of tanks in addition to Seraphine, creating opportunities for his team to shine instead.

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