Blitzcrank player hooks enemy Aatrox to unintentionally killing two teammates in League

Perhaps they should've saved this hook.

Image via Riot Games

Support champions are some of the most important characters in League of Legends due to their ability to assist allies on a wide scale. Whether it be disrupting enemies, healing allies, or simply being a nuisance on the frontline, many of these champions have the potential to change fights.

Yet, in some cases, such as in this clip posted to Reddit, supports do the exact opposite of what they intend to do and result in nothing but turmoil for the rest of their team. Here, while the Blitzcrank player believed they would be helping their allies with a hook onto an enemy Aatrox, the opposing top laner walked away with the better end of the trade.

User u/DumbNeroo opted to dive into four opponents as Aatrox, knowing that the champion thrives when focused by multiple enemies. They successfully pushed the enemy champions out of their topside jungle and into the protection of their tier-two turret. While the Aatrox player had already emerged from the trade victorious and began to walk away, the opposing Blitzcrank had other plans.

Blitzcrank aimed a hook at the Aatrox and brought them under the turret, seemingly attempting to force a summoner spell out of the player. However, just as the Aatrox player was hooked, they prepared their Q2, which attacks in a wide area. Upon reaching the hooked location, the Q landed on two low-health opponents that believed they had gotten out safely, as Aatrox then walked away with some extra, unintended gold.

In typical League fashion, the question-mark pings ensued. The Blitzcrank player was, fortunately, able to walk away with their lives, but at the cost of two of their teammates and a slight sense of embarrassment.

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