Bjergsen stops TSM in their tracks with Zilean in first game against his former team in LCS 2022 Spring Split

You can't leave Zilean open when playing against the G.O.A.T.

Photo via Team Liquid

Bjergsen’s name has been attached to TSM’s success for almost a decade. In his return as a player in the LCS for the 2022 Spring Split, the multi-time MVP and LCS champion mid laner opted to don the jersey of a new team, Team Liquid, for the first time in his career. Today, Bjergsen led Liquid into battle against his former team, who have appeared to be standing on anything but stable footing thus far.

In his first-ever game against TSM, Bjergsen led Liquid to a demanding victory, closing out their first LCS Super Week at 7-2 and momentarily locking sole possession of first place. With the rest of the new team in tow, Liquid put constant pressure onto TSM in all corners of the map, prohibiting them from ever gaining hold of a gold lead.

Bjergsen sought to humble his old team by locking in his patented Zilean, hoping to make it very difficult for rookie Keadiduo to play efficiently. When he saw that his lead had become substantial over his lane opponent, Bjergsen’s roaming became a pivotal part of the success of his other laners. He also maintains his 100-percent win rate this split on his famous Zilean pick over the course of six games, jokingly mentioning in the post-game interview how the pick is appearing in other teams’ games despite Zilean being “his” champion.

A Baron secured by Liquid through Bwipo baiting TSM into the bot lane pushed momentum even further into the hands of Liquid. Within 23 minutes, all of the tier two turrets had been destroyed, with Hans sama using Jinx’s passive to push waves even further into TSM’s base. With Eyla’s Thresh and Bjergsen’s Zilean at his side, Hans sama had all of the tools to go in and out of fights seamlessly while also perfectly sniping enemies from across the map.

Hans sama continued to absolutely run down TSM, outclassing his lane opponent in Tactical, who used to be Liquid’s bot laner. Together, Hans sama and Eyla boasted a combined 7/1/8 KDA, while Bjergsen left as Hans sama’s second support at 0/0/6.

Bjergsen and the rest of Liquid walk away from their last game of the first round robin with a major victory over TSM, cementing themselves as one of the most dominant forces in the LCS. To start the second round robin in the fifth week of the Spring Split, Liquid will face 100 Thieves, once again painting the matchup of the two teams that headlined the first LCS Championship last year. 

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