Artist creates great Death Sworn Qiyana skin concept

Imagine Qiyana with this skin for this year's Halloween event.

Image via Riot Games

Halloween is approaching and you can probably expect some appropriately-themed skins in League of Legends. One artist has taken the liberty of giving Qiyana a Death Sworn skin concept that’s impressed the League community.

The Death Sworn skin line is one of many that were released during League‘s Harrowing event, which is set to celebrate Halloween. There are plenty of champions in the Death Sworn skin line, including Zed, Katarina, Hecarim, Soraka, Viktor, and Wukong.

The artist, Dawvil, stayed true to the color scheme and general theme surrounding the Death Sworn. Her costume is covered with dark colors like grey, purple, and reds, while also sporting a vibrant blue that accents her hands and hair. Her eyes also glow pink, similar to the other champions in the skin line.

This isn’t the only League-related art that Dawvil has created. They’ve also drawn up some cute portraits of new skins that have been added to game, like Star Guardian Neeko and Valiant Sword Riven.

With Halloween coming up, many people are hoping that the Death Sworn skin series is extended to more champions. Maybe Riot Games has a few tricks up its sleeves when the spookiest day of the year arrives on Summoner’s Rift.