How to maintain your cult in Cult of the Lamb

What is a shepherd without a flock?

A lamb stands next to his sleeping cult members.
Image via Massive Monster

Greetings, little lamb. The One Who Waits has bestowed upon you the power to start a cult in Cult of the Lamb, but as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility.

In Cult of the Lamb, you cultivate a following of woodland creatures that you rescue from the forces of the Old Faith, and put them to work serving the cult at your home base. To do so you’ll need to create and maintain structures while keeping your following faithful.

Looking to keep faith high and dissent low? Here are some tips and tricks to maintaining your cult in Cult of the Lamb.

How to maintain your cult in Cult of the Lamb

Keep your followers fed, faithful, and in shape in Cult of the Lamb

At your cult’s home, there are three main meters to keep track of when it comes to your cult’s standing: Faith, Hunger, and Sickness. Keeping all three in good shape is essential to keeping happiness high and preventing dissenters from popping up.

Faith is each cult member’s faith in you as a leader. Members that have low faith in you have a chance to start spreading dissent. Keep Faith high by:

  • Delivering sermons at the altar
  • Performing rituals
  • Successfully completing crusades through dungeon areas
  • Bringing in new followers
  • Interact with your followers daily; bless them and bring them gifts

Rituals typically require additional materials from adventuring, but they will reward the largest amount of Faith increases. On top of keeping Faith high, interacting daily with your followers will increase their loyalty, allowing you to obtain more Devotion from them to level up your cult and your abilities.

A lamb is surrounded by his cult members mid-ritual.
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Hunger is very self-explanatory; you must keep your followers fed. You can cook meals at the Cooking Fire for your followers to eat; followers who are hungry will come over and eat all on their own after you cook, but you can also command specific followers to eat. There are certain rituals and doctrines you can use too, such as the ability for your followers to fast, or rewarding them with a big feast.

If your cult home becomes unsanitary, then the followers will become sick. Cleaning up things like poop, vomit, or dead bodies will keep your followers from getting sick. You can also assign sick followers bed rest. Eventually, sickness will be more manageable once you build latrines and cook higher-quality food.

Other cult basics in Cult of the Lamb

Here are some other things to be wary of in Cult of the Lamb:

  • Deal with dissent quickly. You can attempt to re-educate them over a couple of days, lock them in prison to speed up re-education, sacrifice them in a ritual, or even murder them if you’ve unlocked that option.
  • Keep an eye on follower traits. Some will negatively affect your Faith, like a skeptic that loses Faith every time a new follower is brought in. It might not be worth keeping these followers around.
  • Adopt new doctrines that maximize Faith and Devotion. These are pivotal to keeping the cult in good standing and unlocking new traits and features that will benefit the cult overall.