Goat Simulator 3 includes a cheeky reference to one of CS:GO’s most famous maps

"One goat doors!"

Image via Coffee Stain

Goat Simulator 3 is the sequel to the first game of the series, putting players in a much bigger world and letting them cause chaos in it. A big part of this game is the seemingly endless pop culture and historical references, especially when it comes to gaming. And it turns out there are major references to other popular games in Goat Simulator 3, including Counter-Strike.

Players of the tactical shooter will immediately recognize the level de_dust2, or Dust 2, one of the earliest maps for the game. In Goat Simulator 3, it’s referred to as “DE_SAND2” since players will find it by completing a sand castle on the Capracabana beach. Inside the large structure, players will find the DE_Sand2 mission and take on a swarm of enemy bots.

Image via Coffee Stain

To build the sand castle, players will need to pick up the empty buckets around the beach and fill them with sand. To do this, they’ll need to run around and destroy other people’s sand castles and then take the sand back over to their designated sand castle area until they’ve completely built it up.

Image via Coffee Stain

Once the sand castle is finished, players can walk through the large doors and enter the sand castle. Inside, they’ll get the notification that they need to defeat some people who are made of sand. They don’t have any weapons, so defeating them just requires some maneuvering and headbutting.

There’s not much more to the reference than a small snippet of one of Counter-Strike’s most popular maps, which has been available from 1.1 until now in CS:GO. At the very least, the Easter egg shows players there are fans within Coffee Stain Studio.