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Where to find Drake’s Map and collect treasure in Fortnite

The precious loot is easier to locate than you'd think.

Image via Epic Games

With the new Uncharted movie now in cinemas, Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer have made their way to the Fortnite island.

And, alongside these characters, there are new additions to Fortnite’s gameplay as well. Once you’re in the game, you can find Drake’s Map, which will point to a hidden location. But where exactly can you find Drake’s Map in Fortnite?

To collect the map, simply search through Supply Drops, Chests, and other packages. There’s a chance you’ll find Drake’s Map while looting any of these. The item takes one slot in your inventory, similar to other items in the game.

When you get your hands on Drake’s Map, select it, and a dotted path will appear in front of you. This will guide you towards a chest with valuable loot inside. Simply follow it to collect the treasure.

This mechanic is comparable to other treasure maps that were previously introduced in Fortnite. If you’re a regular player, you should have no issues when navigating with Drake’s Map.

Once you close in on the location of the hidden chest, it should light up. On the ground, you’ll find a huge X, which marks the location where you need to dig to find the chest and all the precious treasure inside.