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Fortnite leaks point to an upcoming concert on the island

Fortnite is preparing for its next big party.

Image via Epic Games

The monumental story and entertainment events in Fortnite have drawn millions of viewers from across the world. Whether they’re lore-filled live events or concerts from the hottest artists, Fortnite has been known for creating amazing virtual experiences. And now, there are rumors and signs that there might be a new Fortnite concert sometime soon.

Epic Games has added some new concert assets to the game’s files, according to well-known data miner iFireMonkey on Twitter. This looks to include the beginning of a stage and different configurations of speakers. The assets also include different scaffolding, which may serve as part of the early version of a stage.

Other areas of the map have also been updated with new speakers, like the bottom half of The Foundation’s statue. There are speakers that form a peace symbol resting on top of the statue’s waist. This could point to the concert being held near Sanctuary, which has seen a number of changes in recent weeks.

There have been rumors for months that Fortnite could be getting a new concert, with rumors ranging from Juice WRLD to Lady Gaga. No one is sure when the next concert will happen, but it seems more and more likely that it will take place in the next month or two at the latest.

In addition to the new rumored concert in the battle royale, there is set to be another Soundwave Series sometime soon, this time featuring French R&B artist Aya Nakamura. The Soundwave Series is done in its own mode, so it’s known that it can’t be related to the new concert assets in the game.