Fortnite leak hints at potential Panther Monument POI

Will it be made out of vibranium?

Image via Epic Games

The latest leak from Fortnite Chapter Two, season four suggests that the Black Panther could be making an appearance soon.

Well-known Fortnite data miner HYPEX has uncovered a new landmark named Panther Monument on the newest map. With the ongoing Marvel collaboration, it’s likely a reference to the King of Wakanda, the Black Panther.

This location could eventually become a part of Black Panther’s Awakening challenges—if the hero is added to Fortnite. Several of the Marvel skins in the new battle pass require players to go to specific locations and emote, which will grant new powers or an alternate style for the character.

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Black Panther is a crucial member of Marvel’s Avengers who could bring the military might of the immensely technologically advanced Wakanda to the Fortnite island.

With Captain America likely to make an appearance as well, fans might soon get their hands on some much-needed leadership to ensure that Fortnite will survive the upcoming invasion from big bad Galactus.

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