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Eiyuden Chronicle recruitment guide: How to recruit all characters

The game lives up to the name.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes lives up to its name, giving you the ability to recruit and build parties around more than 100 different characters. Some will join you automatically while you play, while others require work via side quests or other requirements.

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Unlike other RPGs with large casts, not every character you recruit in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is playable. Some serve a support role that will give you bonuses when they are in your party or help maintain your base, though a vast majority are fighters with varying classes.

Whether you want to use the characters you like or build a party of the strangest classes—like a Magical Girl or literal mythical creators—here’s a list of every hero in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and how to recruit them.

Every Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes character and how to recruit them

Mellore's recruitment screen.
Some of these characters are wild. Screenshot by Dot Esports
CharacterRecruitment MethodRole
NowaActive from the start. Battle Only
GarrJoins before first mission in Arenside.Battle Only
MioJoins before first mission in Arenside. (Will leave for a period.)Battle Only
LianJoins before first mission in Arenside.Battle Only
IugoRecruitable at the Eltisweiss Tavern.Battle Only
MelloreComplete her quest at Redthroat Ridge.Battle Only
KurotoRecruitable at Altverden Village after killing three Wild Boars at Redthroat Ridge.Battle Only
FrancescaRecruitable at Altverden Village.Battle Only
YusukeRecruitable at Fort Xialuke. Battle Only
SabineJoins upon returning to Eltisweiss for story progression. (Will leave for a period.)Battle Only
GiginaJoins after visiting Arenside following your mission in the Abandoned Mine.Battle
YmirJoins after the Eltisweiss invasion.Base
SumireJoins after the Eltisweiss invasion.Base
CassandraJoins after the Eltisweiss invasion.Base/Support
KogenJoins after the Eltisweiss invasion.Battle Only
YuthusJoins after the Eltisweiss invasion.Battle Only
ZabiJoins after the Eltisweiss invasion.Battle Only
CaineJoins after the Eltisweiss invasion.Base 
IrisJoins after the Eltisweiss invasion.Base
GocteauJoins after the Eltisweiss invasion.Base
MarthaJoins after speaking to her in your base’s town. Base/Support
WylerComplete his mission at Bounty Hill. Battle Only
MarinJoins alongside Wyler.Battle/Support
KerrinComplete her mission to gather 20 Lumber in the Dappled Forest.Base/Support
GieranBring him a Rune of Conservation in The Greatwood East. Battle Only
KallathorJoins following the Proving Grounds.Battle Only
SquashBring a Sparklestone from Dappled Forest to him Treefolk Town.Base

There are over 100 recruitable characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. This article will be updated once we can confirm how to get each one.

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