If you want a new feature in your favorite Valve game, try Reddit

It's happened to every gamer at some point: You have a brilliant idea to fix your favorite game

Photo via Steam

It’s happened to every gamer at some point: You have a brilliant idea to fix your favorite game. But most of us are forced to wait for someone actually working on the game to have the same brilliant idea, then wait for months until it finally gets updated. That’s unless the game-maker is Valve.

The feature idea was posted Monday night on Reddit’s r/GlobalOffensive, a forum for the fourth installment of the popular online first-person shooter Counter Strike, Global Offensive. The request was pretty simple: whenever a player stops moving, show their remaining number of weapons, grenades, and remaining money as icons above their avatar. Eight hours after redditor R-arcHoniC made the suggestion, Valve developer Matt Wood saw it and weighed in.

By Thursday morning, the new features had been added to the game.

This wasn’t the first time they the first time they made a change based on a community suggestion. Over the past month Wood has hopped into a handful of other r/GlobalOffensive threads to address weapons bugs and radar issues. “I think it’s great how involved they are, the game has improved so much since it came out of beta last August and is one of the best competitive FPS [first person shooter] games played today,” redditor Tripleshadow wrote.

Sadly, the Valve team won’t reveal everything to their fans on Reddit. One thing Wood wouldn’t address is the state of Half-Life 3 (HL3), a highly anticipated title gamers have lusted over for nine years.

“They should send a copy of HL3 into deep space and destroy every other copy in existence,” mulvahlok said. “It’ll drive space exploration to the point of star-trek level within a month or so.”