TRBA’s TOP 10 potential coaches for CSGO

Retired players with ties to Counter Strike that could transfer into coaching.


Coaching in CSGO is becoming fundamental to team’s success and many teams are in search for them. This list will give you names of former Counter-Strike players that still have ties with esports, their strength as players, and some background in which way they can help teams grow.


Harley “DSN” Örwall: Fnatic (2005-2011), main AWPer cashing over $635,000 in prize money, right hand man of Patrik cArn Sättermon, who many believed to be the best IGL in 1.6 history. DNS retired in 2011, but still after 5 years of retirement he posts stuff about CS on his Facebook. He sometimes writes about creating content for his Facebook page, so it’s clear that a job in esports would suit him. Why not coaching?



Aleksandar  “Kassad” Trifunovic: iNation (2008-2014), IGL of the most successful CSGO team in Serbia, helped grow many players in the game, including Nikola NIKO Kovac. He already tried coaching. That was 2014 and coaching was not an instrumental part of teams in that period. Now it is, so he is more than worthy of trial.



Navid “Kapio” Javadi: (2006-2012), Kapio is one of the most recent retired players who wants to try coaching. He did so with mousesports but some unfortunate circumstance happened when mousesport decided to part ways with Fatih “Gob B” Dayik, who is close friends with Kapio, so he also left the org before he had a chance to show his skills as coach.



Arseniy “ceh9” Trynozhenko: (2009-2012), One of the founding members of the legendary Natus Vincere team that conquered the world in 2010. Still active in esports as a streamer for NaVi. If you are looking someone who has experience working with  Sergey “Startix” Ischuk, who is now probably the best coach in CSGO, and Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko, one of the best IGLs of 1.6 era, ceh9 is the way to go. Many times, NaVi mentioned how influential a motivator ceh9 was to their team, so if you are searching for a true leader he is the right choice.



Dennis “walle” Wallenberg: (2002-2011), Over $419,000 in tournament winnings, played as main AWPer in SK, NIP and many more Swedish teams. Person with massive experience and expertise on Counter-Strike, played with many legends of the game such as Spawn, Heaton, Get_right, F0rest and more. He recently mentioned desire to return to CSGO.


Alexander “ave” Holdt: (2006-2011), Best IGL in Denmark and one of the most respected tactical minds of 1.6. Over $96,000 tournament earnings. Recently announced come back in mTw team, but that plan fell through because of the departure of Zonic. So if you are looking for a very experienced tactical leader but not so vocal in other areas, he is your guy.



Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson: (2000-2006), Founding member of NIP’s 1.6 team that were the most dominant team in 2003. Part of the most famous duo in the world – Heatin-Potti. His earnings exceed $300,000. He recently announced desire to come back into CSGO. Why not as a coach?



Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez : (2012-2016), The most recent French shuffle left this brilliant CSGO tactician in bad position where he announced departure from his coaching position in EnvyUs to play for newly formed LDLC team. That fell through because Ex6entz didn’t want him on that team. His coaching ability is not currently very valued because players on EnvyUs are very bad at accepting other opinions, critique, and change. We have seen this same behavior from NIP players when Natu tried to coach them, so it’s not always the coaches fault and maybe Maniac could shine in some more open-minded team.



Raphael “cogu” Camargo:(2003-2010, in 1.6 2012-still active CSGO), At 31 years of age, the world has already accepted that the best days of this famous AWPer are over and that the only thing still keeping him in this scene is his fame. That doesn’t have to be the case. Brasil is the fastest growing CSGO scene in the world right now with Luminosity winning the last Major and Tempo Storm becoming one of the best teams in NA and the world. Also recently two more teams announced their move into NA. Cogu will for sure bring experience of a world-class player and will help many new players in Brasil grow.


Ola “elemeNt” Moum: (2002-2011), This player stands out because he is the only one who currently doesn’t have ties with esports or CSGO in general. But he could be a risk worth taking. This Norway-born player led famous NIP gaming in 2003 to their famous streak of winning every tournament they played for one whole year.