qwerty disbands after one event

Maikelele's qwerty team is no more.

The recently-formed organization that featured Maikel “Maikelele” Bill, qwerty, has disbanded. Simon “atter” Atterstam announced on his Twitter that the team is “no more” and that he is looking for new offers. 

qwerty attended the DreamHack ASTRO Open tournament in Leipzig in January, but didn’t have an amazing showing for their debut tournament. The team was eliminated in joint last place from the tournament following defeats to Heroic and Fnatic Academy. 

The players who formed qwerty were atter, Maikelele, Faruk “pita” Pita, John “wenton” Eriksson and Fredrik “slap” Junbrant. 

The qwerty team was only announced on Dec. 22, and the only official games the team played in were during DreamHack Leipzig. 

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The author, Cam “clootch” Brierley, can be reached on Twitter @clootch_cs or by emailing [email protected]