11 November 2016 - 05:20

Northern Arena: Montreal 2016 Day 1 Recap

Day One of Northern Arena action has ended.

Day one of Northern Arena action has ended. Here are the results for today’s matches within Group A and Group B.

Group A

G2 Esports vs. compLexity Gaming

  • Map: de_cache

Final Score: G2 Esports 16 - 11 compLexity Gaming

G2 Esports wins 1-0

Heroic vs. Team Liquid

  • Map: de_cbble
  • Final Score: Heroic 16 - 7 Team Liquid

Heroic wins 1-0

Team Liquid vs. compLexity gaming - Elimination Match

Map: de_cache

Final Score: Team Liquid 16 - 5 compLexity Gaming

  • Map: de_train

Final Score: Team Liquid 16 - 3 compLexity Gaming

Team Liquid wins 2-0, compLexity Gaming eliminated from play

Group B

Team EnVyUs vs. Counter Logic Gaming

  • Map: de_nuke

Final Score: Team EnVyUs 16 - 3 Counter Logic Gaming

Team EnVyUs wins 1-0

OpTic Gaming vs. NRG Esports

  • Map: de_nuke

Final Score: OpTic Gaming 16 - 6 NRG Esports

OpTic Gaming wins 1-0

NRG Esports vs. Counter Logic Gaming - Elimination Match

  • Map: de_overpass

Final Score: NRG Esports 19 - 15 Counter Logic Gaming

  • Map: de_dust2

Final Score: NRG Esports 16 - 4 Counter Logic Gaming

NRG Esports wins 2-0, Counter Logic Gaming eliminated from play

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