Michigan Tech University to recruit CS:GO players and offer scholarship opportunities

The Michigan Tech Huskies are looking for players with experience in ESEA Main or better.

Image via Valve

Michigan Tech University (MTU) has initiated a recruitment process for its CS:GO division.

MTU has an entire esports department and is building a new training facility for its students. The university is offering scholarship opportunities for those who make it onto the CS:GO team and want to be the first collegiate squad to qualify for ESEA Premier. The team already has one known name from the North American scene in Logan “Voltage” Long, who played under esports organizations like Chaos and Triumph in the past.

The Michigan Tech Huskies, the name of MTU’s CS:GO team, are looking for players who have experience in ESEA Main, the third division of ESEA leagues, or better. Right now, the team is playing in ESEA Intermediate season 37, which is one degree below Main, and are 5-0 so far.

This is a great opportunity for any tier-two CS:GO players in North America who are also interested in pursuing a college education. ESEA Premier, the way in which teams qualify for the ESL Pro League, features many players competing without the support of an esports organization. This opportunity with MTU is just one example of a way that players could get some exposure while also furthering their education.

The Michigan Tech Huskies have seven players listed on the team’s official website, but only six of them have paid the ESEA subscription to compete. The university is perhaps looking to work with a large roster so the experienced players can teach the young ones. MTU also has teams in other esports, such as League of Legends, Overwatch, and Rocket League.

If you’re interested in playing for the Michigan Tech Huskies and gaining a scholarship, you can fill out its official recruitment form.