Liquid eliminate FaZe from BLAST Pro Series Global Finals

Liquid will play against NiP next and the winner advances to face Astralis in the grand finals.

Photo via BLAST Pro Series

Team Liquid beat FaZe Clan 2-1 today in what was the most entertaining CS:GO series of the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals so far.

Liquid vs. FaZe was entertaining because all three maps were balanced, at least in the first half, ending 8-7 on all three occasions. Mirage, the first map, was tight and finished 16-13 in favor of Liquid because they had the most clutches. Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski top-fragged with 21 kills.

FaZe tied the series on Dust II with a 16-12 victory, despite Liquid and Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken’s best efforts. HĂ„vard “rain” Nygaard grabbed the most kills (23) but Twistzz had the best highlight of the series with a quad-kill in the second pistol round.

But FaZe couldn’t counter Liquid’s powerful strats in the second half of Nuke. Liquid won 16-10 with Twistzz top-fragging at 22 kills.

Although this match was entertaining, Liquid are nowhere near the consistency that they showed in the first part of the season. The North Americans avoided elimination for now and will face Ninjas in Pyjamas tomorrow at 6am CT. The winner will play against Astralis in the grand finals at 11am CT.

It’s possible that NiP will beat them and advance to the grand finals since they dealt with FaZe much better than Liquid did. Based on the matches so far, Astralis will be the heavy favorites in the grand finals.

FaZe have been eliminated from the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals, but they can still earn more cash if they win the BLAST Standoff, a series of one-vs-one duels played before the grand finals.