How to complete all week 8 missions in CS:GO’s Operation Riptide

Become a monster of the Midway.

Image via Valve

The PGL Stockholm Major may be over, but the newest set of weekly Operation Riptide missions are still here for you in CS:GO. Four new missions for week eight have arrived, with six more stars available for Operation Riptide pass owners to earn.

Keep earning stars and you can eventually get your Operation Riptide coin to match the platinum level your PGL Stockholm coin might be at. Here’s how to beat all four of the week eight Operation Riptide missions.

Complete a variety of utility-based tasks in Casual matches of Inferno

It’s time to learn the basics of making winning utility plays on one of CS:GO’s most iconic maps. In this mission, you’ll have five different tasks to complete during Casual matches of Inferno. They are:

  • Land a smoke at Top of Mid
  • Land a smoke at Banana
  • Land a molotov at Banana
  • Blind three enemies in a single match
  • Deal 50 grenade damage in a single match

Players will earn one star for completing three tasks and a second star after completing all five. The first three are easy: Just buy a smoke and a molotov at the beginning of the round and throw them in their right spots. For the flashbang and grenade damage tasks, your safest bet is to go back to Banana and start chucking them. You’ll likely catch someone there.

Win 21 rounds or one short match on Inferno

Once you get your utility practice in, head back to Inferno via the competitive short match queue and win either 21 rounds or a single match, whichever happens first. Remember: control Banana, control the game.

Get 20 shotgun kills in Guardian: Insertion II

Getting shotgun kills in the Guardian: Sirocco mission back in week four was one of the more challenging missions from Operation Riptide.

It should be just as challenging this time around, so remember these tips. Make use of your health shot, don’t forget to rebuy armor, and make use of close angles you can escape out of in a pinch. And watch out for the heavy juggernaut: Use flashes and grenades, don’t peek him by yourself.

Upgrade your weapon 25 times or get to the knife level in Arms Race

This is only the second Arms Race mission in all of Operation Riptide, but this one will ask a little bit more out of you compared to the week five task. Each time you get a kill in Arms Race, you upgrade your weapon. So simply do that 25 times or reach the knife level once. A little hint: Try not to be in first place on your team since you get an outline around your character that everyone can see if you’re leading.