Glove Skins Introduced to CS:GO

Glove skins, Valve's newest addition to CS:GO, are soon to be the newest craze.

Glove skins, Valve’s newest addition to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, are soon to be the newest craze. In today’s game update, Gabe Newell and co. added the Glove Case, which contains twenty-four glove skins of various assortments. Seventeen of the twenty-four skins are community-made, and the proceeds will likely be going to the skin creators in the same fashion as gun skins. 

The community’s initial interest in glove skins stems from the StarLadder i-League tournaments this year. The tournament organizers created a cosmetic glove skins plug-in that had team logos and colors on the in-game player model for the participating teams. That idea has now come into fruition. Counter-Strike will now have yet another sub-market within its steam market economy amongst the already existing gun skins and graffiti sprays. 

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