Friberg: “I still feel like I can accomplish more in Counter-Strike.”

Friberg’s future has some uncertainty.

Adam Friberg spoke to his stream earlier today about his uncertain future following his announced departure from Ninjas in Pyjamas yesterday.  

Since the announcement, the community has shared and immortalized their favorite memories and memes of Friberg’s time on NiP, including NiP winning ESL Cologne 2014, his highlight reels, the “thank mr friberg” jpeg, and his status as “King of Banana” (on Inferno).

thank mr friberg
“VIA ADAMO”–Italian for Adam’s Road

Friberg disclosed why he was leaving the Swedish team when asked about his departure.

“I was let go of my contract. They didn’t want to renew my contract [as a player],” he said solemnly. “I mean considering the results that we had for the last six months, it’s understandable that they needed a change. I understood that as well. Hopefully for NiP it’ll improve now with REZ.”

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Despite being let go, Friberg mentioned that he still has healthy relations with the players and management of NiP. “I’m a bit sad to not be playing with the boys anymore, but it was a good run,” Adam said.

When the topic of his future plans came up, Friberg felt uncertain about what he specifically had in mind. “I still think I want to play, but I’m not sure. It depends on what offers I’m getting, and also it’s pretty bad timing right now. After the major, there’s usually some shuffling going on, so we’ll see about that. But for now, I’m not sure. I’m just sitting and I’m just kind of waiting if I can get some offers.”

“I’m still [technically] contracted to NiP, so it’s not like I can join whatever team I want,” Friberg said. “Maybe if some analyst stuff would show up, I might do that as well.”

Someone in his Twitch chat brought up the prospect of him playing for an international team, and Friberg had an interesting take on it. “It depends on the team. I don’t think I have a problem with language or stuff like that. I don’t know, it depends on the team and who I get offers from. We will see,” he said.

Although he has many doubts about his next chapter in Counter-Strike, there’s one thing he’s certain about. “I will be in esports in one way or another. If I can’t play, I guess I would do something else in esports, so you’ll for sure see me around anyway–as an analyst, as a commentator, [etc.] I still feel like i can accomplish more in Counter-Strike,” he continued. “It’s hard to say. I’ve been on NiP for so long, and I never know how I’ll perform if I join another team. So that kind of what motivates me also–joining a new team. [I want to] still show that I got it. If i didn’t feel I still have it, I’d probably not go for it, but I feel I still can.”

Friberg transitioned away from his heart-to-heart talk with his stream as he entered a free-for-all deathmatch on Dust II. He was waiting in an EU Faceit Pro League queue as Eric Johnson’s somber Cliffs of Dover played in the background of his stream.

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