Evil Geniuses defeat NiP, advance to StarSeries i-League season 8 playoffs’ upper bracket semifinals

EG are in a good spot to win the tournament.

Photo via StarLadder

Evil Geniuses took their revenge against Ninjas in Pyjamas today by winning 2-0 at StarSeries i-League season eight in Group B’s consolidation final.

The North Americans had a rough start to the tournament and lost to NiP two days ago. EG then had to beat FURIA and Heroic to qualify for the playoffs. Now, EG are in the upper bracket and won’t have to play extra games, unless they lose again.

Unlike their first encounter, EG dominated NiP this time on Inferno and Dust II. Ethan Arnold and Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte were a deadly duo on Inferno and combined for 53 kills, leading EG to the 16-11 map win. On NiP’s side, Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg was the only one putting up consistent frags and finished with 21 kills.

NiP won the first half on Dust II, but EG reacted once the team switched to the T-side. The North Americans won six rounds in a row, conceded one to NiP, and then grabbed the last three to win 16-9. This time, Tarik Celik was on top of the leaderboard with 25 kills.

EG are now in a much better spot to win the tournament. They could become the best team in the world in HLTV’s rankings with a StarSeries i-League season eight championship since Astralis and Team Liquid aren’t in attendance.

The playoffs will start tomorrow. NiP are set to play against MIBR at 5:30am CT. EG will face Renegades later at 12:30pm CT.