ESL Pro League S4 Finals: Day 3 Recap

Day Three of the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals has come to an end.

The third day of the finals for the ESL Pro League’s fourth installment has come to an end, and we’ve witnessed some real nail-biters in the stadium today. Made all the more awesome by the electric Brazillian crowd roaring throughout each game, here is how all of today’s matches went down.  

Immortals 16-14 mousesports on Mirage

Team EnVyUs 16-5 OpTic Gaming on Cobblestone

FaZe 22-20 NRG on Dust II

Team Liquid 16-14 Immortals on Mirage

mousesports 16-9 Team EnVyUs on Cache

Cloud9 16-9 Ninjas in Pyjamas on Dust II

SK Gaming 16-7 Team Dignitas on Cobblestone

SK Gaming 16-10 NRG on Cobblestone

Cloud9 16-13 Team Dignitas on Mirage

NiP 16-7 FaZe on Overpass 

One of the most remarkable comebacks, coupled with one of the most horrific chokes took place today, as Immortals forfeited their 13-2 lead to Team Liquid, ultimately losing 16-14. NRG surprised us once more with a performance above what most would have expected from the team, taking Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s FaZe to overtime on Dust II, though eventually losing 22-20. Nevertheless, this offline performance has shown NRG in good light, as although being monstrously outmatched by their opposition, they took two matches to at least the 30th round.

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