CSGO Lounge shutting down skin betting

Surprise. Absolutely no more skin betting on the CSGO Lounge website.

In a post on CSGO Lounge’ssteam community grouppage, the site hasannounced that there will no longer be skin betting.

The post expressed that thischange is effective immediately. This comes just days after theparent company of Virtus.Pro, ESForce Holdings, was found to hold a90% share in the company.

After the 10 day warning periodfrom Valve’s initial cease and desist letter to many of thegambling sites, CSGO Lounge announced it would pursue a gamblinglicense. It seems that venture may be put on hold or reserved forthe incoming new features, which details are unannounced.CSGO Lounge will primarily work asan information center for now. 

“Lounge will continue asan esports entertainment and information platform with new featuresto be released very soon,” the post said on behalf of Robert“Borewik” Borewik and teams behind CSGO Lounge andDota2 Lounge.

As the weeks go on, more comesout about these betting websites. With CSGO Lounge being thelargest and heralded as the least casino-like and now shutting downtheir betting system, this could be the final sign that the era ofbetting in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is closing andquickly at that. 

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