CS:GO fan shows off their complete collection of physical pins

That's one impressive collection.

Image via Valve

Physical CS:GO pins are hard to come by and exceedingly valuable to most fans, but one of them has somehow managed to collect every one of them.

A CS:GO subreddit user named TomnomnomCS showcased their collection on the website. All 33 pins are displayed in a metal frame behind glass. Every frame has a different series of pins, with the one on the left featuring the first series, the frame in the middle including the second series, and the third frame showcasing the third and final series.

Physical pins are treasured by hardcore CS:GO fans due to them being available only at a certain type of event—Valve-sponsored events (mostly Majors). You can’t just pick and choose any pin you want either.

Each pin has its own rarity, and as a result, some are tougher to find than others. Pins like Nuke, Train, and Bravo are blue rarity while the Guardian Elite and Chroma pins are red rarity, and are the rarest.

While the packages that include the pins at Valve-sponsored events aren’t expensive, their prices on sites like eBay have skyrocketed. Some blue rarity pins are listed for around $50 while the rarest ones are valued at a few hundred dollars. TomnomnomCS claims that the cost of the collection is $1,500.