31 December 2014 - 22:01

Flipside Tactics complete Counter-Strike roster

Flipside Tactics have completed their Counter-Strike roster with a pair of talented players
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Image via Flipside Tactics

Flipside Tactics have completed their Counter-Strike roster with a pair of talented players.

The team surprised many by announcing the release of half of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster after a run of increasing success that included qualifying from DreamHack Winter and nearly knocking Natus Vincere out of the tournament.

Flipside Tactics had already unofficially acquired Mathias “Pauf” Kohler. After having left his former teammates at Team Orbit, Kohler signed up to compete with Flipside Tactics on official competition. The announcement of his joining the team today was a mere formality.

Also brought in to complete the team’s roster will be Andreas “Schneider” Lindberg.

Lindberg has earned a reputation as among the hottest free agents in Sweden. His name was among those rumored to be up for consideration to join Ninjas in Pyjamas before that team decided to bring in Mikail “Maikelele” Bill.

Lindberg played previously with Flipside Tactics earlier in the year. The team will hope that this stay will be more successful.

Squad member Andre “Berg” Kjellberg expressed optimism in an official statement. “It’s a fresh start for all of us and we all feel really good about this new lineup,” Kjellberg said.

Kjellberg also emphasized the increased versatility that the new roster will offer to the team.

Lindberg’s established credentials and Kohler’s promising talent should make for fine additions to the Flipside Tactics roster as the squad resumes its attempts at entering the upper echelon of Counter-Strike teams.

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