Astralis signs AWPer farlig to CS:GO roster, moves Lucky to bench

Astralis looks to correct course after a shaky start to 2022.

Photo via Astralis

Astralis has added AWPer Asger “farlig” Jensen to its CS:GO roster, the organization announced today. As a result, the team has moved young AWPer Philip “Lucky” Ewald to the inactive roster.

Farlig is the “skilled, aggressive player with lots of firepower” that the team needs to improve their form, according to coach Alexander “ave” Holdt. The relatively new Astralis roster has struggled significantly following the debuts of Benjamin “blameF” Bremer and Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke.

Farlig is another quality Danish CS:GO product who joins Astralis after spending the last three-plus years AWPing for teams such as Copenhagen Flames, GODSENT, and FunPlus Phoenix. Over his career, he’s averaged a 1.16 K/D rating and his aggressive playstyle is reflected in his other statistics. His lifetime opening kill ratio is 1.57 and his team wins over 75 percent of the rounds where he gets the first kill, according to HLTV.

In the announcement, farlig said “Astralis is a team and an organization that most players can only dream of playing for.” He also said he’s excited to play alongside world-class players and understands the expectation to “deliver relatively quickly.”

With farlig stepping into the active roster, that means the 19-year-old Lucky has been moved to the bench. The young AWPer has struggled to make impactful performances at recent major events like IEM Katowice and BLAST, and Astralis admitted in its announcement that the team “have not been able to get the best out of him.”

Lucky said in a TwitLonger statement that he “sadly never found [himself] or [his] flow in game” but will continue to help Astralis however he can while still under contract.