20 July 2016 - 03:03

A Summary of Richard Lewis' AMA on Reddit

An outlined and concise summary of the answers provided from the Q&A hosted by ELEAGUE on /r/GlobalOffensive.

A Collection of Answers from ELEAGUE's Recent Q&A

Richard Lewis and the ELEAGUE team recently opened up a Q&A on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive subreddit. I have gathered and categorized the questions and answers given below for those who wish to read about a certain topic, or find an answer to a certain question.

Richard as the host and face of ELEAGUE:

Richard, despite previously stating that he did not want to be the face of ELEAGUE, has been adapting well to being the host. He is starting a dieting and exercise regime, but with the amount of time he has spent researching and using his computer, it has been difficult to keep up.

Turner has been extremely supportive, allowing him to continue to make his own content and appearing on radio shows. Turner also picked Richard for his "natural wit, good looks, and roguish charm." This was definitely not an answer provided by Richard.

On Season Two of ELEAGUE:

Season Two was already greenlit before Season One began, and Turner is already in the planning stage for it. While they are looking at other games, there are no plans to replace Counter-Strike.

ELEAGUE's budget is not dependent on viewership; storylines, time of day, competition, length of telecasts, etc.

For us, it is about the engagement with our content across all platforms and ELEAGUE is performing very well in this regard.

Richard provided a number of metrics concerning ELEAGUE's performance by week three, which can be found here.

Announcements of possible new teams attending will be made during Championship Weekend, and Atlanta will remain their base of operations. Richard loves his moving desk too much to go elsewhere.

Broadcasting Friday night matches internationally:

They have received a lot of feedback, and will be looking to improve in the future. They already have ideas internally they hope to put in for the next season.

On ELEAGUE/Turner hosting a North American Major:

They would be honoured to host a major and to have the opportunity to represent and showcase the game with such a large tournament and at such a scale; however, they do not receive any special benefits just for being Turner, and must go through the same channels as others to try to obtain a major slot.

Gambling, Richard's thoughts, and Turner's position:

Richard is currently writing a column for the ELEAGUE website on viewing numbers and their effect on Counter-Strike. He states that the foundation of Counter-Strike was never about gambling, and though viewers will drop across the board, it will give us an opportunity to hook others into the game that would actually be interested in it.

When Richard first arrived at Turner, they advised him not to do shows in case he created a bad image for the company. After talking to them about it, they had no problems allowing him to continue his work in order to maintain his presence and credibility.

Turner complies with United States laws in regards to gambling, and will distance themselves if anything improper is happening in or around their leagues.

SK, rosters, and possible future changes:

They have always planned to, and will, review the rules they have in place at the end of the season and modify them as necessary. They are trying to give equal opportunities to players, fans, and organisations to feel included.

They felt that the Luminosity/SK situation was their biggest learning experience in regards to operation, and they are going to be mindful of that as they revise things for season two.

Airing Counter-Strike on TV:

They tried to find a healthy balance between satisfying those familiar with Counter-Strike, and those who had never seen it before. They feel that they have found a healthy balance, but they are still looking on ways to improve.

The use of the word "Terrorists" was discussed briefly, but Turner did not want to dilute the authenticity of the game in any way.

Thanks to Richard Lewis and the Turner/WME-IMG/ELEAGUE team for this Q&A.

The contents of this article contain paraphrased answers provided by the "ELEAGUE_Official" Reddit account.

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