A CS:GO player saved himself with a flashbang

The flashbang acidentally blocked a lethal shot.

Image via Valve

Desert Eagle headshots are deadly from any range, but this CS:GO player survived because he threw a flashbang.

No, he didn’t blind his opponent to make him miss the shot. The player threw his flashbang briefly ahead of what would’ve been a Deagle headshot and the grenade accidentally partially blocked the shot, causing only 15 damage.

The Reddit user who posted the clip on the CS:GO subreddit last night was surprised he didn’t kill the CT. “I thought he’d be dead,” the Reddit user said. “I quickly turned left for the repeak from his teammate but I had two come at me.”

There’s no previous history of something similar happening in official CS:GO matches. But when weird situations like this happen every now and then, players call it “getting CS:GO‘d,” implicating that the game is bugged.

It seems unreasonable to think that a flashbang could absorb that much firepower, especially because you can kill two players with one Desert Eagle bullet if they’re close to each other and line up—a headshot deals 233 damage.

It’s unclear if Valve will review this play or release a quick fix in the next update.