Where to use the Sawah Crypto Mining Farm key in DMZ

The only "crypto crash" to worry about here is if your game crashes.

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Finally, there’s an actually valuable and useful need for a crypto mining farm, albeit a fictional one located in Al Mazrah in Call of Duty’s DMZ mode.

In DMZ, players can take on the challenge of spawning into Al Mazrah with only the gear they’re comfortable with losing because if they do get shot down or fail to exfil before the match timer expires, they will lose it all.

Players can explore landmarks and defeat enemy AI combatants scattered across the map to get some solid gear, but the really good stuff is locked behind closed doors and requires a key to unlock. Players can acquire keys that are dropped by enemies or found in loot containers, or they can complete contracts for a chance at finding a key.

A key has up to three uses, meaning you can revisit loot locations multiple times. Additionally, if you don’t have the time, gear, or spawn location to go for a loot location you already have a key for, you can exfil with the key and choose to bring it back with you in a future run.

The keys you pick up are for random loot locations around the map. If you’ve found or spawned in with a key for the Sawah Crypto Mining Farm, here’s where to go.

Where is the Sawah Crypto Mining Farm in DMZ?

Screengrab via Activision

The Sawah Crypto Mining Farm is, as the name suggests, located in Sawah Village, which is located on the southern edge of the Al Mazrah map, in the D7 section of the grid. The building itself is close to the edge of the village, connected to a series of other buildings near the bow of the large ship.

Screengrab via Activision

The building is a store with the main floor submerged in standing water, as is most of Sawah Village. The Sawah Crypto Mining Farm is located on the second floor of the building, and you reach the second floor via the stairs, either from the first floor or the roof. You’ll find the Sawah Crypto Mining Farm behind a locked door with an X on it.

Screengrab via Activision

Sawah Village is heavily populated with enemy AI combatants, so take your time to clear out enemies or move quietly to reach the loot location.

There are a handful of possible loot rewards inside, such as high-value valuables, a large backpack upgrade, three-plate armor, cash, and/or a supply box.


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