Symfuhny’s Call of Duty: Warzone settings

You won't believe how he plays PC games.

Image via Activision

One of gaming’s biggest rising stars plays games in an incredibly unique way.

Symfuhny, a former Fortnite competitor and current top Call of Duty: Warzone streamer, has seen a huge boom in his stream success in 2020—and rightfully so. He’s performed well in Warzone tournaments and has a funny personality to boot.

But there’s more than meets the eye at first when it comes to the young pro gamer.

As he revealed back in February, Symfuhny somehow, someway, plays PC games with his keyboard upside down. It’s incredibly odd, but it definitely works for him.

We can’t recommend doing that without years and years of practice, and also a doctor for when you undoubtedly get carpal tunnel or arthritis, but we can share his in-game settings that he uses in Warzone.

Here are Symfuhny’s Call of Duty: Warzone settings.

Symfuhny’s Warzone settings

Mouse Sensitivity8.89
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier1.00
Ground Vehicles Sensitivity Multiplier1.00
Air Vehicles Sensitivity Multiplier1.00
Tablet Sensitivity Multiplier1.00
Aim Down SightRelative
ADS Sens. Multiplier (Low Zoom)0.64
ADS Sens. Multiplier (High Zoom)0.64
ADS Sensitivity Transition TimingInstant
Monitor Distance Coefficient1.33
Invert Mouse LookDisabled
Mouse Acceleration0.00
Mouse Filtering0.00
Mouse SmoothingDisabled