Stun grenades in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare affect controller, mouse and keyboard players differently

This seems a bit unfair.

Image via Activision

When Activision announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would be a full cross-play title, players wondered how the hardware differences between PC and console would affect the game.

A post on Reddit today gave fans a look at one of the differences in action, and it involves how stun grenades affect players depending on if they’re using a controller or a mouse and keyboard to play.

In the video above, you can clearly see a discrepancy in how stun grenades affect different inputs. The controller user appears to be able to turn their character almost a full 90 degrees further while afflicted by the stun.

The thread on Reddit is, as expected, filled with angry players who are upset with this revelation. The game has a counter to stun grenades, a perk called Battle Hardened, but it doesn’t do very much to lessen the effects of a stun or flash grenade.

Call of Duty players are happy that they can join up with their friends no matter if they play on PC, Xbox, or PS4, but issues like this could create an unbalanced experience.