Sledgehammer confirms nerf coming for shotguns in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Shotguns are currently wreaking havoc in Vanguard.

Image via Activision

Shotguns may not be running rampant in Call of Duty: Vanguard for much longer, if a tweet from the game’s developer is any indication.

A viral clip of a content creator named zexafy spraying a shotgun in the Das Haus 24/7 playlist and earning a V2 Rocket killstreak for 25 gun kills in a mere 33.3 seconds went viral just a few days ago. It was around that time that Das Haus became basically nothing but shotguns, and that seemed to last throughout the weekend.

Das Haus 24/7 is gone now. It’ll likely come back, but Sledgehammer Games isn’t taking any chances, as the developer has confirmed that it’ll be looking into tuning shotguns and bringing them down a tad.

Sledgehammer referenced the viral clip in its own pseudo-announcement tweet. The tweet shared the zexafy video, along with a tweet saying it is “here to perform a shotgun exorcism” with a gif that says “it’s time for nerf.”

Anyone who’s played Vanguard and used a shotgun for a while will know how strong they are, especially on the game’s small maps. The Combat Shotgun is the biggest offender, but others are also very strong as well.

And with the ultimate small map, Shipment, being added to the game this week, shotguns will most likely tear through the meta again. Shotguns will wreak havoc on those trying to do camo challenges on smaller maps for the time being, it seems.

It’s unclear when the shotgun nerf will come, or if it will be in time for when Shipment hits the game in a few days. But for now, be careful when playing small maps unless you’ve got a shotgun loadout of your own.