HusKerrs’ Howl $300,000 Warzone tournament scores and results

They're playing trios in Warzone's zombies mode.

Image via Activision

The HusKerrs’ Howl Call of Duty: Warzone tournament series starts today with a trios tournament boasting competitors like Tfue, NICKMERCS, and TimTheTatman.

While the entire $300,000 prize pool for the tournament is spread across five days of play, today’s trio zombies mode tournament is heated with head-to-head play in a double-elimination bracket. 

There are 12 teams competing in the bracket with four squads getting a first-round bye. 

The event can be watched on the official HuskerrsHowl Twitch channel, but you can also watch your favorite player’s POV on their personal stream.

Each round of play requires competing teams to queue for two games around the same time and get as many kills as possible. The team with the most points wins. If there’s a tie after two games, a third will be played. 

The zombies event will take place over the course of the afternoon and evening today. Dot Esports will update this piece with scores and results as they become available.