How to eat your way to double XP and more in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Earn an operator skin, double XP and weapon charms with these promotions.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s official release date is right around the corner and as players from around the globe load up the game there will be a race to grind experience to level up all 51 unique weapons. XP can become tedious to gain naturally and often requires countless hours of playtime to achieve. However, Activision has teamed up with different food companies to provide players with bonus double XP codes and in-game extras just for buying their products. 

Anything from a can of Mountain Dew to a meal at Little Caesars can be used to gain double XP tokens and grind through weapons much faster. Some of these promotions have been around as long as Call of Duty has while others can only be obtained by living in a certain country. 

Here are all the food promotions for Modern Warfare 2:

All MW2 2XP food promotions

Little Caesars

Activision has teamed up with Little Caesars to have players unlock double XP and bonus rewards like an exclusive player card, emblem, and weapon charm. Any Little Caesars location will be offering the ‘Call of Duty Combo’ both online and in-person for players to order. Every order will come with a double XP but the extras will only be awarded once. All players have to do is order the Call of Duty Combo or a Mountain Dew at Little Caesars, upload or scan the code, and get the rewards instantly. Plus, players can enter weekly to receive additional prizes like a digital copy of MW2, an MW2 water bottle, or a mini fridge. This promotion only lasts from Oct. 17 to Dec. 31.

Mountain Dew

During the official launch of MW2, Activision revealed its continued partnership with Mountain Dew. The reward given depends on what Mountain Dew product is purchased. These rewards range from 15 minutes of double XP to 120 minutes of double XP and 150 Call of Duty Points. These codes can be redeemed on the Mountain Dew gaming website where players can connect their Activision accounts to receive the in-game reward. 

  • 16oz Mtn Dew Game Fuel: 15 minutes of Dual XP
  • 20oz MTN DEW PRODUCTS: 30 minutes of Dual XP
  • 12 packs: 60 minutes of Dual XP + 75 CoD Points
  • 24 packs: 120 minutes of Dual XP + 150 CoD Point

Jack Links

Players can purchase any specialty marked packages of Jack Links to unlock exclusive rewards like a Squatch Operator skin, Sasquatch weapon charm, tactical Bigfoot emblem, and Bigfoot Bite calling card. These packages can be found in most grocery stores around the United States but only the specialty marked packages will grant rewards. On top of the in-game items, players will receive double XP as well.

Hungry Jacks / Burger King

There are different promotions running outside of the United States for players to unlock double XP and an exclusive operator skin by buying a combo meal off the menu. Burger King (or Hungry Jack’s in Australia) has announced that it will be parting with MW2 to earn an exclusive operator skin in France, Spain, and more. There are over 40 countries worldwide that have access to the Burger King promotion but the U.S. has yet to reveal one for itself.

To obtain the exclusive operator skin, players will have to purchase the combo meal and submit proof of purchase to obtain the rewards. This is the same as how to redeem the Little Caesars rewards and will require the player to link their Activision accounts before redeeming. The specific combo meal differs depending on the country so it is best to check local listings before making a purchase.