Every Fractured intel mission location in Call of Duty: Warzone

Some interesting developments need your attention in Warzone.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players can hunt down some new intel to learn more about the backstory behind the entire Warzone map from Ghost and various other sources. 

This Fractured intel mission will have you tracking seven different objectives across the map and completing other objectives to earn the information and a ton of XP. 

Each objective is straightforward and can be collected in both Battle Royale and Plunder modes, so you can complete them at your leisure or go right for them without messing up your BR stats. You won’t be able to gather all of the intel in a single game, however. So if you just want to grab it all and be done, Plunder is probably the way to go. 

Not all intel objectives will look the same. Some are in the form of folders on a desk while others are computer related. Just keep your eyes open when approaching each of the locations for the Fractured intel missions. 

Objective location one

Screengrab via Mr Middi

The first objective is easy to find since the game gives you a hint and will also show you an image of where to go. You’ll need to enter the TV station and head to the bottom floor where you’ll find the intel in the form of some folders on one of the news anchor’s desks. 

Objective location two 

Screengrab via Mr Middi

After reading a transcript from what looks to be the last news report shot in the Warzone map before things went to hell, you’ll learn of your second target, Gate B-23 in the Verdansk airport. There are plenty of entrances in the area, so don’t worry about getting lost when you’re looking for the computer holding the intel. 

Objective location three

Screengrab via Mr Middi

Location three is a bit harder to reach, but the easiest way to grab the next bit of intel is to simply jump toward the Air Traffic Control Tower right at the start of the game. Once you’re there, you can interact with one of the terminals to get the next bit of information you need. 

Objective location four 

Screengrab via Mr Middi

After finding out about a transponder going offline, you’ll need to head out to the crashed plane just south of the military base. The plane will be split into three pieces, but the only part you need to enter is the front portion of the plane, which will be the closest to the shop in that area. 

Once inside, you can see papers scattered across the floor near the back of that section that you can interact with to complete objective four. 

Objective location five

Screengrab via Mr Middi

Objective five is another simple one, especially if you’re playing on Plunder, because all you need to do is head into the military base. In one of the buildings closest to the hangar, you’ll find a desk with a laptop and several folders. One of those folders is the intel you’re looking for.

Objective location six

Screengrab via Mr Middi

Don’t let the sixth hint fool you. The last bit of intel you need to hunt down won’t actually be at the airport. In fact, you’ll need to head back to the military base and go to the building closest to the area’s edge. 

Inside, you’ll find two computer monitors that you can interact with to complete the last physical portion of the mission. 

Objective location seven

Screengrab via Mr Middi

The final objective isn’t one you’ll need to find while playing the game. Instead, it’s simply an image that will show up once you check the intel tab on the main menu after completing the other objectives. It’s unclear what this last bit of intel means, but it looks like something big might be happening in the future regarding the information you discovered.