Call of Duty World League reveals dates for upcoming season’s announcement and first event of Black Ops 4

WWII is nearly over and Black Ops 4 is almost here.

Image via Activision

The Call of Duty World League has announced that its annual season reveal event is set for Sept. 19 and that the first tournament of Black Ops 4 will be CWL Las Vegas on Dec. 7 to 9.

Treyarch and the CWL will lay out their Black Ops 4 esports plans in one month during an event that will likely explain what competitive CoD will look like in 2019.

In last year’s CWL season reveal event, the league introduced the online national circuit and provided dates for several of its open events. The Black Ops 4 reveal event is expected to do much of the same, but maybe with some additions.

Unlike past years where players were given a month—and sometimes even less—to prepare for the first event of the season, the best CoD teams in the world will have nearly two months before they collide in Las Vegas. Black Ops 4 is set to be released on Oct. 12, an earlier date than previous Call of Duty titles, which were almost all released in November.

The 2018 CWL Championship is the final event of WWII and it will effectively mark the beginning of the CWL’s offseason and free agency period. During last year’s downtime, nearly every single professional team made a roster change of some sorts—and that trend will likely continue this year.