Call of Duty: Warzone players encounter new glitch when exiting vehicles

Infinity Ward has yet to address the issue.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players are reporting a new bug when exiting vehicles that causes their POV to move around. Some players are also experiencing the issue when jumping from the plane at the beginning of a match. 

One player reported their experience and claimed the bug occurs when they exit vehicles and that it causes their aim to be off-target. Other players confirmed they’d had similar experiences since the release of season six. 

Another player also shared their experience with the bug and claimed that it causes their POV to look directly up. More players confirmed it is a known glitch that also occurs when the free cam is active while jumping out of the plane. The bug can be annoying to players, but some believe it was a secret update to balance vehicle combat. 

Previously players could exit vehicles and immediately engage enemies. The new glitch or feature prevents this from happening, and it could be a small update to help balance the game. 

Infinity Ward did not list this update in the patch notes and has made no official announcement about the issue. Players will have to wait for another patch or a confirmation regarding the update to see whether the problem is resolved. Not moving the camera when exiting a vehicle or jumping out of a plane seems to negate the issue, so keep that in mind to avoid any problems in the meantime.