Call of Duty players are frantically Googling New Zealand addresses to play MW2 early

What won't gamers do to get their hands on a game just a day early?

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is set to release on Oct. 28. As one of the most anticipated releases of the year, the game will feature two distinct mode categories at launch as well as core map modes, free-for-all, team deathmatch, and so many more incredible features. Since CoD players have never been more enthused about getting a new toy to play with, they’ve been frantically searching for ways of accessing the game early.

The latest trick the impatient CoD fans discovered involves players changing their Xbox account default language to New Zealand English, changing their region to New Zealand, setting a New Zealand address, and resetting their console. After completing all of these steps, players should have early access to MW2.

As a direct result of this, players have been Googling New Zealand addresses. Google Trends now shows that the top search related to CoD in the last few hours is “New Zealand address.”

Image via Google

Although this is a nifty trick to get early access to the game, Infinity Ward advises players not to abuse this game early since it most commonly results in connectivity issues. But players may also be locked out of the game until the release. 

So, to avoid the unnecessary hassle, it’s advised that you skip changing your address to a New Zealand one and simply wait until the game officially launches on Oct. 28.