Best Nvidia filters for Call of Duty: Warzone

Take advantage of Nvidia filters to give your game a more vibrant look.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone has been one of the hottest games in the world since it was released in early 2020. Season three has brought a new variation of Verdansk, dropping players into a 1980s version of the game’s original map. 

With the revamped map, fans were quick to point out the difference in lighting. When fighting in dark hallways and corridors, gamers who can better see their opponents are at a huge advantage. 

Unfortunately for Warzone players, they know all too well that the battle royale can appear too gray or washed out in outside areas and too dark in buildings. Fortunately for those whose computers run on Nvidia graphics cards, the solution comes in the form of Nvidia Freestyle. Nvidia Freestyle allows you to customize the appearance of Warzone through the graphics card. 

This means that non-Nvidia users, such as console gamers or those with AMD graphics cards, will need to find an alternative solution to more easily see Roze in Verdansk. With Warzone being an extremely taxing game graphically, the Nvidia filters can bring down your frames per second anywhere from five to 25 FPS, so be sure to test your GPU before dropping into Verdansk with these settings. 

Here are our favorite Nvidia filters and Warzone graphical settings that we’ve used in Warzone so far. 


JGOD has become one of the go-to content creators since Warzone was released, going in-depth on different weapons and loadouts within his YouTube videos. He also released his Nvidia filters for Verdansk 1984 at the start of season three and they still do a great job of bringing vibrance to the map. 


  • Sharpen: 36 percent
  • Clarity: 49 percent
  • HDR Toning: 49 percent
  • Bloom: Zero percent


  • Tint Color: Zero percent
  • Tint Intensity: Zero percent
  • Temperature: Zero percent
  • Vibrance: 30 percent


  • Exposure: Zero percent
  • Contrast: Nine percent
  • Highlights: Two percent
  • Shadows: -100 percent
  • Gamma: Zero percent


IceManIsaac, a Warzone content creator and competitor for NRG, has seen a steady rise in popularity over the last year. He’s posted filter settings in the past and released his just in time for the start of season three in April. 


  • Exposure: Zero percent
  • Contrast: 15 percent
  • Highlights: -50 percent
  • Shadows: 100 percent
  • Gamma: 11 percent


  • Tint Color: 12 percent
  • Tint Intensity: 13 percent
  • Temperature: Zero percent
  • Vibrance: 52.8 percent


  • Sharpen: 20 percent
  • Clarity: Seven percent
  • HDR Toning: 61 percent
  • Bloom: Zero percent


ModernWarzone has been breaking Warzone news since the game was released last year. In addition to, he also runs a YouTube channel and posted his Nvidia settings with the launch of Verdansk 1984 in April. 


  • Sharpen: 70 percent
  • Film Grain: Zero percent


  • Tint Color: 35 percent
  • Tint Intensity: 30 percent
  • Temperature: 14.6 percent
  • Vibrance: 100 percent


  • Sharpen: 51 percent
  • Clarity: 100 percent
  • HDR Toning: 11 percent
  • Bloom: Zero percent